DT #296, 23 October 2014 (John Willie’s 100)   1 comment

John Willie's 100


Reason to drink here?
A love/hate relationship…
With advantage: ‘hate.’

Name: John Willie’s 100
Type: bitter
Venue: The Four Candles, Oxford

Review/notes: Why DO I drink in the Four Candles? The beer is good, cheap, and there is an ever-changing variety on the 10 pumps, like this JWLee ale with the Little Willie tank on the label.

It is near the bus station, too, so if I have 20 minutes to kill I should be able to grab a beer and spend a quarter-hour reading the newspaper or talking to one of the (other) old alcoholics or, like many of them, mutter obscenities to myself.

Today was yet another of those days where I wonder why I come here.  There were two guys at the bar already drinking and the Miss Hygiene Award winner behind it not wiping up (if you have time to lean, etc).  Result! I would be out of there in no time EXCEPT

A couple interrupted me as I lifted my finger to point at the John Willie pump to ask for a pint.  They had a menu and asked what the bartender would recommend…IN A FUCKING WETHERSPOONS (where the only correct answer would be to eat somewhere else).  So, she leaves me there with a 20 second task to perform and goes over to have a 5 minute discussion of the relative merits of various platters and snacks (“oh, and if you really don’t want diarrhoea, the burger will keep you constipated for days”).

A manager popped by and filled his own coffee mug then left to do an interview with a prospective employee.  I eventually sat near them: “I see your parents managed pubs while you were growing up but we can’t use any of your experience before you turned 18. Do you think you can ignore punters to Wetherspoons standards.”

Yet another employee that I saw fill a pint while I hurried through mine looked down the bar and then left to clear the one table that had empties on it.

But, I’ll be back.  Sick, innit?

John Willie's 100 pump

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