DT #270, 27 September 2014 (Funnel Blower)   Leave a comment

2014-09-27 tipple


Vacation ending.
Coming down with the lurgi.
Three medicinals!

Name: Funnel Blower
Type: porter
Venue: Beehive, Swindon

Review/notes: Bit of a fever and chills coming on (the spouse had this yesterday), but I couldn’t let the sunny afternoon pass without getting out.  Already tired by the time I reached the Hive, I thought I’d get a taster flight of three 1/3 pint beers.  They all were a bit thin, it seemed, but it may just be the illness coming on.  By far, the most interesting one was the Funnel Blower.  Not interesting enough to have a full pint of, but okay.

I just noticed the new sign today:

Beehive Swindon new sign 2014

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

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