The Bell Inn, West Overton, Wiltshire   1 comment

Bell West Overton

I was on G-Had and the flour ran out. but as I was in the vicinity of two new-to-me pubs I soldiered on.  The first I came to (see run map in the DT entry) was the Bell which I think focuses more on food and elegance but was very friendly to me despite my sub-code dress.  I ordered a Moles Mowdy Jack and one of the staff had a sip as well for research purposes.  Good man.

Bell West Overton beer clip

As I said, I was in no state for polite company and retired to the back porch which was nearly as posh as the interior.  Wanting to linger but with places to go, I soon drank up and moved on.

Bell West Overton garden

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