DT #253, 10 September 2014 (Popham’s Pride)   1 comment

Popham's Pride


The lesson today:
Whining gets you what you want.
So sayeth Twitter.

Name: Popham’s Pride
Type: bitter
Venue: New Calley Arms, Wanborough

Review/notes: So, I was going to tweet about my Swindonian adventures for the next two weeks anyway and had decided this long before the ADMIN post requesting volunteers ever went up.  The post on this blog, yesterday, had no more merit (nor should have been taken any more seriously) than this one from back during the 100 Shit Beers in 100 Places Challenge.  The beleaguered list admin wrote me a nicer email than I deserve and offered me a week, so I’ll actually do it legitimately for half my holiday.  I only want to point out that his capitulation sets a bad precedent.

Beer was good, and the Calley is always a pleasant visit.  I sat alone in the tiny bar about a third of the way through my run home (the second third taken up with marking a trail for the G-Had Hash House Harriers) and got a much closer look than my first visit in the midst of a half marathon.

Popham's Pride pump clip

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

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