The Golden Swan, Wilcot, Wiltshire   1 comment

Golden Swan Wilcot sign front

I continued the run from the Three Tuns with plans to grab lunch at the The Golden Swan twelve miles away.  I had a bus to catch at 1:40 in Pewsey and considered lingering in Wootton Rivers to hit the Royal Oak when it opened 15 minutes later than when I was passing by along the Kennet and Avon Canal, but I was really looking forward to a decent plate of pub fish and chips, an item friends that have been to this house highly recommend.

Golden Swan Wilcot

So, I jog up to the bar and order a pint of Horizon (can’t go wrong with Wadworth) and ask for my fish and chips.  “We only do a roast on Sunday.”  Nowhere on their website nor their on-line menu does it say this…I should have done the stop in Wootton Rivers, after all.  Oh, well, I eventually found what I was looking for at the Crown.

The family out front was friendly and two at the table had been in the mass bike ride I filtered through on the way into Bedwyn.  The young daughter of one wanted another glass of water but was intimidated by some rude fuckers drinking in front of the bar.  “If the man says anything to you, tell Daddy and I’ll go have a chat with him.”  There’s this Kevin Bridges bit where “Daddy just has to have a word with the man,” can be interpreted as “Mommy will pick you up down at the Police shop.”  But, the rest of their (and my) stay went off without incident.

Golden Swan Wilcot sign back


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