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Royal Breakwater Hotel Castletown Isle of Portland


The bar was our introduction to the Royal Breakwater in Castletown, Isle of Portland, and though slightly shabby it was also welcoming and friendly in the way that only a dimly lit dive can be.  Worthy of an evening’s drinks if you somehow find yourself in this somewhat rundown part of town.  There are several other bars and hotels bunched up there as well so you could do a proper crawl with no more than a 100 meter walk between the farthest one.

We were staying there, too, and the room was absolutely adequate although the shower pressure was shit and disinfectant smell from the hallway seeped into the room.  For fifty quid, we got an en suite and breakfast, though. And, the staff were perfectly lovely (if a little tardy on repairs):

Royal Breakwater Hotel Portland room detail

Not all the neighbouring bars were still afloat and I was disappointed to find the Jolly Sailor shuttered:

Jolly Sailor Portland closed

Two doors down from the Breakwind, it looked like a grand old boozer.  Hopefully it will return to service in the future (there’s a large bank of flats going in right behind it in some old naval facility…fingers crossed).

Jolly Sailor Portland closed window


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