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Bombardier Burning Gold Cove House Portland


Hey diddle dee dee,
It’s the island life for me
(Don’t mention rabbits).

Name: Bombardier Burning Gold
Type: golden ale
Venue: Cove House Inn, Isle of Portland, Dorset

Review/notes: We’ve been on vacation this week and just returned from the Isle of Portland and the coastal resort town of Weymouth.  I highly recommend both of these if you have a couple of days to spare.

2014-08-18 Portland 04

A large section of the Jurassic Trail, part of the South West Coastal Path, covers Weymouth, Portland, and Chesil Beach (an 18 mile long tombolo of pebbles that you sink into like balls in a bouncy castle — a quarter-mile on this is exhausting).  Fishing seems easy, here, and we spotted fishers cleaning their catches all along the beach.


2014-08-18 Portland 01

It is steep everywhere and great for hill running as the traffic only picks up a little at rush hour.


2014-08-18 Portland 08

I did about 6 miles worth of hill running then after lunch we went for a long hike out to and back from the lighthouses at the far end of the island.  Along the way we detoured into the old quarry where there is an open-air sculpture school of sorts.  With old cut stones forming steep alleyways around you it is like a big scavenger hunt to find works in progress.

2014-08-18 Portland quarry 01

Cases in point, the elephant sneaks up on you as you come around this massive stone while the figure of a woman peering out to sea is hidden until you climb on a wall of marble.

2014-08-18 Portland quarry 06

Some of these catch your eye more readily than others.

2014-08-18 Portland quarry 03

Finally for this entry(although there will likely be more tourist snaps as I catch up on the blog), there was an antiaircraft bunker overhanging the cliffs at the far southwest bump of the island with some great graffiti inside.  Party time.

2014-08-18 Portland 13 bunker graffito

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