The Pulteney Arms, Bathwick, Somerset   1 comment

Pulteney Arms Bathwick sign

I searched high and low for the North Wilts trail and became convinced that one was not lain, today.  So, to kill off a few miles and the remaining time until noon (when the pubs open) I took off up a steep incline above Bathwick and then back toward the city centre looking for the first one with doors open.  Turned out, this was the Pulteney Arms.

Pulteney Arms Bathwick bar

I had a lovely pint of Otter and an interesting (although probably apocryphal) conversation with one of the staff.  He claims that during the Six Nations Rugby tournament, Guinness ran a promotion wherein the punters were handed tablet-like devices and when they wanted a refill they needed only shake the thing and the staff would start pouring.

On one night, the promotion included a drawing for a tour of the brewery.  A guy got a message on the tablet thing that he won, a couple of Guinness guys came in and congratulated him, took him straight out to a limo, to the airport, and in a private jet to Ireland (returning him about 8 hours later).


Pulteney Arms Bathwick

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