The Wellesley Arms, Sutton Benger   2 comments

Wellesley Arms Sutton Benger sign

The Wellesley is a family run joint and the family seems grand, to me.  They were doing a lively lunch trade when I came in covered in sweat and still stinking of equal parts goat shit and stinky American and I had to wait a couple of minutes to put in my order for a Corvus Stout (a marvelous beverage and far superior to the Irish one you might be more familiar with).

Wellesley Arms Sutton Benger Corvus StoutWellesley Arms Sutton Benger Corvus Stout tap


This bar felt very familiar to me, from the chef (the pa of the family) popping his head out of the kitchen to ask the diners how they enjoyed the meal and then describing his innovations that made it possible [hint, mint was available and basil was not], to the semi-obscene peanut packet display discretely kept within sight but not without searching.  The couple seemed very affectionate with one another, the staff (whom I reckon to be family as well), and with the punters all of whom came out of their way to offer their custom.

This was turning out to be an awesome day out at the pubs (see the Bell House and the Rising Sun for the earlier stops, and the Dumb Post for the following one).


Wellesley Arms Sutton Benger


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