Winterbourne Arms, Winterbourne Dauntsey, Wiltshire   1 comment

Winterbourne Arms Winterbourne Dauntsey sign

Coming into Winterbourne Dauntsey from Porton I spotted Hash markings on the streets–check circles, blobs, etc. These continued to appear right up to the Black Horse in the next hamlet but my target was the Winterbourne Arms.

I ordered a Symonds Cider and took up garden residence where a cool breeze helped to dry the sweat and the beverage and lack of food helped the buzz along…breakfast was a handful of fig bars and a chocolate milk and the next planned food awaited me in Salisbury, miles away.

Winterbourne Arms Winterbourne Dauntsey Symonds Cider

From my vantage point I got to see some of the best passive aggressive behaviour in years. A young couple disembarked their vehicle and extracted their sprout just as another woman pulled up with hers and parked right beside them. The couple looked at one another in utter dismay but when Mum2 opened the door, Mum1 chirped,”I can’t believe you made it. I ‘m so glad.” “I wouldn’t miss it for the world, you know that.” Let the games begin, I thought as they hugged and did fake, air kisses.

Winterbourne Arms Winterbourne Dauntsey

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