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Thatcher's Heritage Clifton

The freezer was full,
Nought identifiable.

Name: Thatcher’s Heritage
Type: cider
Recipe: You can’t fuck up cassoulet and anyone who says they have the definitive recipe is some sort of psychopath…for instance, here is one version I’ve done in the past (linked here) and another here and another here.  The “American Indian Style Cassoulet”  presented here has nothing to do with traditional ingredients the Native Americans would use but, rather, gets its name because you use every bit of the carcass (that is, you empty the freezer and put everything vaguely cassoulet-ish in).  Here’s what this one entailed.

cassoulet start

150 g black beans
180 g potatoes leftover in the larder
287 g lamb cubes
215 g duck meat rendered from 650 g leg quarters cooked like confit (fat saved for cooking, bones for broth)
180 g leftover brisket
2 liters of soup from 6 tubs found in the freezer (accumulated over last 4 months)
500 mL venison stew sauce (heavily reduced wine in there)
500 mL defatted residue from the brisket last week (fat added to bacon drippings for cooking greens)
500 mL homemade salsa leftover from some nachos sometime the last several months
Dump all into slow cooker and leave on low for 6 hours. Yum.

cassoulet feast
Venue: The Clifton, Swindon

Review/notes: The Clifton was already a very good bar but now, depending on how you want to look at it, either it has become gentrified or improved.  It has DEFINITELY been tidied a bit and the garden was a very nice place to catch our breath on the long trudge uphill to Old Town after picking up some DIY crap over at Home Base.  We couldn’t linger, though, as we had some stew to overeat.

Thatcher's Heritage Clifton pump


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