Turf Tavern, Oxford, Chippy Challenge #73   1 comment

Fish and Chips Turf Tavern

[The Chippy Challenge: to eat more fish and chips in 2014; see original post for details.]

Fish: perhaps cod, but seemed a bit fishy for that
Sides: chips and minted mushy peas
Evaluation: Looks horrible but was actually quite tasty. The minted mushy peas would be splendid with lamb but were an atrocity with fish and chips.  Until today, I’ve always been disappointed with the food at the Turf Tavern but then I’ve only eaten here outside of tourist season when the kitchen is quite a bit slower.

The house is awesome without all the tourist trappings and caricatures incorporated into the Ripley’s-Believe-It-Or-Not-style signs lining the walls of the semi-enclosed beer garden.  But facts like, as one of these proclaims, this was where ‘Bill Clinton didn’t inhale’ while studying at Oxford keep drawing in the rubes.

You forget how grating the American accent is until you are in a crowd where they are the majority.  It makes me want to apologise every time I inflict it on someone.

You also forget just how fat Americans are until the tourist season strikes.  At a table suitable for four, an American couple spread out such that they partially blocked the adjacent passage AND access to the NEXT four-seater.  At one point, they were blathering on about trespass warnings on the Colleges and she said, “I don’t see those signs,” with a degree of defiance and pride so typical of my people.  “Nor the signs of early onset diabetes,” I thought to myself…USA…USA…USA!
Days since last: 6 (Lemon Plaice, Swindon)
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Turf Tavern from Chippy Challenge Map

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