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Psilocybe Atlantis 1


The trip back home from Amsterdam became a Trip back home from Amsterdam.  It started with a run through the east side partly to effect the G-Had, partly to investigate the Science Park (which I haven’t seen since I worked there 10 years ago.  AMOLF moved to a new building a few years back and the old place looks empty and forelorn:

AMOLF forelorn

But, it was a nostalgic day, indeed.  An Elvis Costello song popped up on my mp3 player and it dawned on me that the records I checked out of St Louis Public Library were overdue 30 years to the day (the ASMS Annual Conference is there next year, though, so maybe I can return them then).

bowling pin s


I finished my run and was heading to Centraal Station to get back to Schiphol and the bowling pin struck me as surreal and immediately I decided to pick up the run again and go see if the Magic Mushroom place was still open near the Oude Kerk…and it was!  Hooray!  I picked up a dose and a half of P. atlantis and then had to think about timing: going through customs with nothing would be okay and I’ve had enough psychedelic experience that the UK passport control would be a snap but I didn’t want to deal with any security on the Dutch end.  The plan, then, was to drop off my baggage and drop my dosage 45 minutes before boarding.  This was perfect and I was just starting to feel a little weird as I arrived at the gate.

In fact, I arrived about 20 minutes early and popped into the Irish pub for a beer to even things out.  Lighting was awesome in there and the beer was good and no more expensive than in a pub in the UK and by the time I drained it everything was cracking between crystalline and cartoon and I needed to get on a little bus to head out on the tarmac to the plane.

Murphy's Irish Red Schiphol

The plane was not really thought through and I got to my seat to find the one next to me empty.  Could not have planned it better, except it got even better.  Another busload arrived and the first group down the aisle was a family with a baby and a 5-year-old and they didn’t sit near me!  BUT, a 5 foot tall, 400 pound overly pierced and angry-looking black lesbian came down behind them and plopped in the wee seat next to me…for about ten seconds before flagging down a sky waitress and asking if the two spot I hadn’t spotted was free (it was and I was free, as well).

Oh, and the mushrooms were especially nice…and I still had residual the next morning.  It really was like going home, or at least what I imagine other people feel about going home.


who's a trippy boy then

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