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Staropramen Dark


Great day for America
(They’d have you believe).

Name: Staropramen Dark
Type: dark lager
Venue: Hotel Deutsche Eiche, Bremen

Review/notes: I took an hour and fourteen minutes to run up to be two weeks late for the Rhododendren Park displays…only about 1 in every 1000 plants was still blooming but the place is probably glorious at its peak.  From there, I walked toward the University along Tram Line #4 looking for a pub at which I could watch the Germany v. USA match, but finding none in several miles decided to settle on a hotel that looked like it had a brilliant bar inside.

It did, in fact, and the Staropramen Dark was grand…sort of a combo of beer, coffee, tea, and some nut-rich dessert.  Pricy at €2.50 per 300mL, I stopped at 2, reluctantly (although not as reluctantly as the Americans backed into the knock out rounds of the World Cup).

Hotel Deutsche Eiche Bremen


I realise it is rude but I only half listen to the chit-chat (blah-blah-blah) at work and only pricked my ears when the German trainer was talking to the Dutch co-trainee about how German infiltrators were caught out by being unable to pronounce Scheveningen.  He also brought up that German operatives were eating what were then considered luxury items at the time although they were trying to pass off as working class (I pointed out that instead of herring, they should have opted for tulip bulbs, but this didn’t seem to add anything).

Then the conversation shifted to the German and the Russian and the following exchange, approximately, occurred:

G: “You guys deported EVERYONE.”
R: “Yes, it’s shameful, but you seemed to have a more focused agenda. And, more Russians are willing to deny any of it.”
G: “Yes, we DID keep meticulous records.”

Dark, though it is (darker than the beer, by far), the European sense of humour (or pathos, anyway) can’t be beaten.


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