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Franziskaner Weissbier

The Teutonic Shake
At urination finish:
Twice sharply then zip.

Name: Franziskaner
Type: weissbier
Venue: Double Ti, Bremen, Germany

Review/notes: Sometimes the stereotypes are right there next to you and on this occasion the location of ‘right there next to me’ was in the pisser. He dried his drain with fascistic efficiency and the only thing missing was a click of the heels and a short bow before leaving.

On the other hand, sometimes you get the stereotypes all wrong.  From the sign and the outward appearances I noted as I was passing the Double Ti, I reckoned it was a lesbian bar until I got in at which point I decided it was a middled-aged dude gay bar. I guess I was wrong on both counts and it was just a very nice little local pub (with some frankly screaming features that may just be very Northern German).

Double Ti Bremen Germany


I think the bartender was one of the Ti’s in the sign (or maybe it was her double Ti’s that were indicated, to large to defy gravity the way they did).  Awfully nice crowd, there, and I only wish my German was good enough to speak with them (as it was, I was struggling to keep up with the conversations I eavesdropped on).

Regardless, I enjoyed the weissbier well enough and there was a countdown clock to the France v Ecuador match which gave me a chance to get back to the hotel in time for the Marsellaise.

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