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Konig Pilsner Mexcal Bremen

No one can fuck up
Mexican food as well as
Europeans can.

Name: Konig
Type: pilsner
Recipe: Take a heaping serving of expectation and pour a generous portion of doused dreams on top; then have someone shit all over it.  Serve with a pitcher of pilsner (eventually).
Venue: Mexcal, Bremen, Germany

Review/notes:  One of the things I looked forward to on this rare trip to Bremen was trying out Mexcal a second time. The first visit was sublime and outside of Mexico (including the technically U.S. territories just south of the Tucson city centre) had to be one of the best Mexican meals I ever had. And, they had beer by the pitcher at a reasonable price.

The beer by the pitcher was still at a reasonable price but the waiter brought me a Pepsi despite me pointing at the item on the menu. The waitress returned with a mug and I said what I thought was, “Does that look like a pitcher?” while miming the action of pouring a pitcher. By this time, I had already consumed the chips and bland salsa and ten minutes later the pitcher arrived along with my burrito.

The burrito was okay but full of corn kernels fresh from a big freezer bag purchased at Lidl. The menu has this as one of the last items while the black beans — almost absent from the assembly — featured prominently at the top of the ingredients list. The spice was probably okay save for the starchy corn salad I had to suffer.

But the beer was good and I think it was free of spit and urine. At least, I’ll sleep better if I believe that.

Konig Pilsner Mexcal Bremen dead soldier

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