DT #174, 23 June 2014 (Haake Beck)   1 comment

Haake Beck Stadtgefluester Bremen post run

I got an iPhone
From a dodgy supplier
And cracked security.

Name: Haake Beck
Type: pilsner
Venue: Stadtgeflüster, Bremen, Germany

Stadtgefluester Bremen

Review/notes: Brilliant pub.  Everyone in it turned and stared at me as I stood outside sweating, wheezing, with a large compression bandage on my neck, and taking a photo of the place…local house.  No one spoke a word of English, either.  But, the best thing was the large Haake Beck was €1.50…decent pricing here.

So, I killed time on the train hacking into the recently acquired iPhone and now not only is it running like new but it has some GPS apps.  I’m not supposed to run until the stitches are out and the slice on my neck is healed but I felt antsy and as a bonus got to try out Map-My-Run.  It was fairly short and I came to a halt a couple of times to see how it was doing but I can imagine getting used to this.

beer run bremen 2014-06-23

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  1. You’ve made me want to go back to Bremen. October fair back in 2010 was brilliant, really cheap compact place with character, like Newcastle or Portsmouth but with better architecture than Pompey.

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