DT #173, 22 June 2014 (Jupiler)   Leave a comment


All transport was late,
Missed my train in Enschede,
A beer hour to kill.

Name: Jupiler
Type: pilsner
Venue: Cafe Het Bolwerk, Enschede, The Netherlands

Review/notes: The train left Schiphol late and instead of having 20 minutes to kill in Amersfoort I found myself running at full speed to make my connection to Enschede which left 5 minutes late so I needn’t have bothered. Even with that delay, it would have left me a 10 minute buffer to change at Enschede…except it lost another 12 minutes on the way and I arrived in time to see the train to Munster in the distance. Next one in 58 minutes…pub time?

I found the central square full of restaurants and with side streets full of coffeeshops (mental note for next time). I also spotted a pretty pub which turned out to be the oldest one in the town, so result. Great selection of beers, too, and I could have spent a happy evening there but instead settled for a couple of Jupilers. Jummi, jummi Jupilers.

The train to Munster was right on time, but experienced net fifteen minutes delays on the way.

Cafe Het Bolwerk Enschede

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

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