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pickled eggs step 1-ish

As anyone who has run behind me on a Sunday morning can attest, I love me some pickled eggs (talk about your ‘carbon footprint’).  I love pickled anything, for that matter and used to drink pickle juice from the fridge before I found out that it doctors up sauces so well.  Now I reserve it for cooking but have somehow accumulated a bit extra and decided to use it for some delicious eggs.

Step 1: Put boiled eggs in pickle juice.

Step 2: Put in fridge for a month.

Step 3: Eat with some chips and beer.

As an alternative, you can make Welsh eggs (a variation on Scotch eggs).  Take a pickled egg and pack about a centimeter of sausage meat around it then bread the outside with herbed crumbs and some thin egg/milk/flour batter.  Fry these (or bake).  Portable breakfast or awesome bar snack!

Posted 2014/06/20 by Drunken Bunny in food

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