DT #171, 20 June 2014 (Meantime Pilsner)   1 comment

Meantime Pilsner Big Society Oxford

Easily spotted
As their ways are quite strange:
British criminals.

Name: Meantime Pilsner
Type: pilsner
Venue: Big Society, Oxford

Review/notes: Had some fish for lunch and needed to clear the chip fat.  A beer would be great but when I walked into the Black Swan I already had listed everything they had on tap in the Daily Tipple sometime this year…disappointing and surprising.  I got a Fosters and headed outside where I listened in on two hoodlums — one about 50 years old, the other mid 20’s — talking about a variety of thefts, forgeries, burglaries, what-have-you whilst enjoying a couple pints of Stella.  The big. older guy clocked me and said, “Here…what’ve you done to your neck, then.”  “Took a beating from the Filth last weekend.”  The younger one shook his head and said, “fucking Bill.”  Then, they returned to their conversation.

Another guy, fat and 40 or so,  rolled up on a kids bike and the older fellow shouted out, “alright, soldier?”  They chatted a while with him eyeing me suspiciously and at one point he said something to the kid like, “you know, when you had that trouble a few months ago…let’s go for a walk and talk.”  He then nodded my way and the old guy said, “nah, he’s alright, him.  Besides, he’s a Canadian, this don’t mean nowt to him.”  Finished, I told them “don’t leave for my sake, I gotta be moving on anyway.”

So I found an entry for today’s DT at the Big Society around the corner.  Meantime Pilsner has an almost fishy smell (I checked my hands, it wasn’t from the cod).  The hops are very sharp and almost metallic.  A dream pilsner.

While drinking it, though, I noticed a more modern pair…two builders on lunch break parked outside where I sat.  For twenty minutes, they never looked up from their electronic companions.  Weird.

modern personal interactions

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