Ye Olde Black Bear, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire   1 comment

Ye Olde Black Bear Tewkesbury sign

It was our birthday weekend and we were feeling old so we went someplace that is properly old.  Ye Olde Black Bear first served some beverages in 1308, so it probably qualifies.

Actually, we were just sort of hungry and I couldn’t convince Jackie the chippies in town were a good choice and besides she wanted to sit down for a while.  We ordered up a rosé and were served (and charged for) the wrong one but it was remarkably good despite the SNAFU.  I ordered up a fish and chips, as is my habit, and she ordered a salad which looked suspiciously like a chicken breast parmesan with chips when it arrived after a long wait.  Taking it back, it turns out they just read the ticket wrong and the parm was for someone else and her salad was ready and not too bad.

The manager, some Viet Namese woman we reckoned, came in and started barking orders about cleaning up the beer garden and getting back to work, now!  This was entirely entertaining, especially the bartender’s reaction: “Aww, you poor dear.  It’s your day off, you should go home and do something nice.”

The front room used to be a market negotiations area but that was 600 years ago.  There were a bunch of small rooms off in every direction.  The entire atmosphere was almost like being on a boat.  A wonderful shambles that you should at least pop into for a pint.


Ye Olde Black Bear Tewkesbury

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