The Railway Inn, Westbury, Wiltshire   Leave a comment

Railway Inn Westbury sign


With 45 minutes to kill before the train (the second time this dilemma struck today) I ducked into the Railway Inn for a pint. Loud and boisterous punters were gathered in clumps in the dark interior but I eventually negotiated the gauntlet to the bar where I found the only candidate for the Daily Tipple to be San Miguel lager (and it didn’t make the cut).

San Miguel Railway Inn Westbury San Miguel tap Railway Inn Westbury

I went to the tables outside and watched some youths yob it up and some folks that appeared to be having an affair come out for a smoke. The bar seems a bit rough-and-ready, but that’s much better than the alternative I expected (see the Three Horseshoes from this morning). Party!

Railway Inn Westbury

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