Morris Street Club, Swindon   2 comments

The Morris Street

The Morris Street Club was up for sale a few years ago and I reckoned I’d never get in, so when I jogged by yesterday and found it open I had to dash in.

First thing to note, it is on Morse Street, not Morris Street.

Inside, a couple was recounting their misadventure of the night before when their house was burgled.  “I normally lock the door on my way to bed but I went to sleep on the couch.”  Someone came in and, arming themselves with a jar of coffee (they said probably to throw in the sleepy faces of their victims should they awake), and took off with a bunch of their shit, scattering much of it down the street.  Yow.

I finished up and ran off but was given a warm sendoff by the barkeeper.  Great house.

Posted 2014/05/18 by Drunken Bunny in pubs, running

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