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2014-05-18 Commonweal 5 pic1s

I did the Commonweal 5 Mile race this morning since it was in the neighbourhood and it would get my daily mileage out of the way.  It was a beautiful day for a run but as I was severely hungover (last night was record night, the bane of my racing existence) I jogged over to loosen up, register, and then lay in the sun until the start (in the vain hope the world would stop spinning and my head stop throbbing).  At least I wasn’t nauseous.

I snagged the pictures from oxonraces.com which instructs me to place the following credit: Photos by Barry Cornelius. Done.

Commonweal 5 elevation

My pace until the climb back to the start was a solid (if slow) 6:55 per mile but after the hill (around 4 miles) it fell off to only 7:21 (for the whole race).  One of the joys was a guy that blasted ahead of me in the 2nd mile later choking on the aforementioned hill and then struggling to catch up several times (choking again just behind me each time and swearing crudely), all the while mouthing off about how he wasn’t going to be beaten by a non-club runner.  Better luck next time, eh?

2014-05-18 Commonweal 5 pic2s



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