DT #115, 25 April 2014 (Coastal Brewery Mild Swell)   Leave a comment

Coastal Mild Swell Hop Inn

A lab guest asked if
I “have a science background.”
That’s some fucking cheek.

Name: Coastal Brewery Mild Swell
Type: mild
Venue: The Hop Inn, Swindon

Review/notes: Spectacular example of a strong mild: chocolate and varnish and strong coffee wrapped in a viscous yet dry mouth with a nose like aged wood shavings…and 5.1% ABV.  Grand.

I love the Hop Inn, always full of local freaks and always room for one more.  Plus, it is the nearest pub to the house (well, maybe the Plough or the Royal Oak is, but I haven’t measured the distance).

Some visiting post-doc from Boston needed my help because she couldn’t follow the explicit and comprehensive instructions I sent her on a simple task that would make her life easier.  While I patiently sorted her failure, she decided to make conversation by asking if I had a science background.  “Does a PhD in Chemistry or Environmental Engineering count?  I used to work in National labs on two different continents, too…anything you can use there?  Right before Oxford I got a patent while working at this newer University you might have heard of…Cambridge?”  For fuck sake.

Mentioned in the original post for the Hop Inn, the venue has a history that it seems hard to escape (this from the Gent’s):

Hop Inn loo graffito

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

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