Sloe Gin 2013: 5 Month QC   1 comment

2014-04-14 sloe gin taste test

The  Two Cures Sloe Gin is finally fully presentable…smooth, rich, and deep in flavours including vanilla, fruit and spices.  There was no oil (from the nuts) left on the filtered liquid this time and it barely tasted like the 40% alcohol by volume base liquor.  Five months in and 7 to go, it will only get richer and more complex from here. After topping up with fresh gin, we have:

88.11% aged 5 months (the amount of original sugar, as well)
2.26% aged 4 months
2.32% aged 3 months
2.38% aged 2 months
2.44% aged 1 month
2.50% raw gin

Next taste in 30 days…. Previous: 1 month 2 months 3 months 4 months

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