The Cherry Tree, Kingston Blount, Oxfordshire   1 comment

Cherry Tree Kington Blount sign

Awesome little pub.  The decor is a bit modern but it is every bit an old boozer with a young (to me) proprietor who is attentive to both the strangers who wander in and the regulars (such as the Cricket coach from Didcot who was trying to wash away the aftertaste of training a youth squad nearby).

Cherry Tree Kington Blount some guitars Cherry Tree Kington Blount dining

I counted six guitars either hung on or leaning against the walls near me.  Some old cyclists beat me to the question and the bar man pointed out the regular music nights and that it is nice to have these close so he can play.  Alas, closing time was just a few moments later than the last drops in my glass of Brakspear, or else I would have lingered to try out the little nylon strung one I spotted in the corner.

Cherry Tree Kington Blount

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