DT #095, 5 April 2014 (Baron de Ley Rioja Riserva)   1 comment

Baron de Ley Rioja Riserva

My horse, DFL.
Afternoon cooking a stew.
Grand National day.

Name: Baron de Ley Rioja Riserva
Type: red wine
Recipe: Corsican Venison Stew: A pound of venison cut into cubes and larded with bacon and garlic is browned in olive oil then joined by a sliced red onion until it is sweated well.  The recipe calls for passata but I had fresh tomatoes and some paste, which will do; I also substituted some fresh mushrooms for dried porcini but you work with what you have.  Add these and a large glass of white wine along with a stripped sprig of rosemary and an Italian’s pinch of cinnamon and enough water to just cover.  Simmer for three hours then serve over rigatoni (I thickened with a sprinkle of xantham gum, first).

Corsican Venison Stew

Venue: house

Review/notes: Surprisingly rich wine, hearty and with a berry finish that really complemented the game stew.

Both our horses finished the National this year, which is better than usual.  Mine, Hawkes Point, came in just after the winner finished his photo ops.  Next year will be better.


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