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Les Jamelles Viognier

Hey, wait a minute.
I’m Whitey. Foghat never
Told me kill no one.

Name: Les Jamelles Viognier
Type: white wine
Venue: house

Review/notes: fruity, but dry fruity like apricots and raisins with almonds for good measure…decent with a salad on which we spread leftover bacon-cooked brisket

I’m not sure which comedian to attribute the Haiku to…some bit about white guys liking gangsta rap.  Popped into my head because I had a fluidics device at work that was manufactured by a company called Whitey (Mike Easterling always made the same joke about these and how “Whitey is keeping me down.”)  At the time I was wearing a lab coat with “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” written on the inside pocket (ref: Gil Scott Heron and think: Whitey’s On The Moon).  Then, white wine for dinner.  Spooky synchronicity.

Oh, the joke also mentions Foghat which is just screwy because it is so odd a choice of band to juxtapose with murder rap.  Once, trippin’ in Griffin, GA, the car became too much to deal with and me and passenger Pat parked it someplace we were likely to pass by again in a day or two, then walked on into the dawn.  We were both dressed and groomed fairly conservatively (I think he even had on a narrow tie) as we headed toward the house of the guy who gave us the acid in the first place, to hang out.  To this day I still use his greeting to us, yelled down the street in the early morning: “hey, you Motley Crue looking motherfuckers!”

my days in crue

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