Terry’s Takeaway, Swindon, Chippy Challenge #30   2 comments

terry's takeaway swindon cod and chips

[The Chippy Challenge: to eat more fish and chips in 2014; see original post for details.]

Fish: cod
Sides: chips
Evaluation: Spent the morning moving boxes of books and records to the new house and was absolutely ravenous by lunchtime.  I took this as my last likely opportunity to stop in Terry’s and after this meal it is the last time I’ll go in there, full stop. Fish tasted great but the batter was saturated in oil.  The chips didn’t taste so great (frozen, not fresh) but they weren’t saturated with oil so all-in-all a split decision, here.  The place doesn’t strike me as especially clean either in outward appearance or odour.

Days since last: 2 (Great Western Fryer, Wroughton)
Map link.

Monthly consolidations/compilations: January

terry's takeaway swindon

2 responses to “Terry’s Takeaway, Swindon, Chippy Challenge #30

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