DT #039, 8 Feb 2014 (Cat Piss)   Leave a comment

cat piss cocktail

Google “C. B. T.”
Cognitive Behavioral
Therapy (Safe Search).

Name: Cat Piss Cocktail
Type: booze
Recipe: Modified from Drink Nation:

2 shots vodka
2 ice cubes
mango juice to almost fill
splash of ginger ale

Venue: house in Eastcott, couple of weeks left

Review/notes: I had the juice, vodka and soda AND it was time for breakfast, so what-the-hell: let’s drink it.  Meanwhile, a Radio Four announcer kept referring to CBT as showing promise in the non-pharmaceutical treatment of schizophrenia, but you should set Safe Search filters on Google to find the right answer to “What is CBT?”  especially if you default to ‘Google Image Search.’

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

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