DT #032, 1 Feb 2014 (Sainsbury’s House Shiraz, box)   3 comments

sainsbury's house shiraz box

Avenue Road is
The Street so nice they didn’t
Bother to name it.

Name: Sainsbury’s House Shiraz, box
Type: red wine
Recipe: Roast an animal.  20 minutes before it is done, slice two courgettes lengthwise and bake next to the beast.  Meanwhile, chop up some tomatoes, garlic, and spring onions and mix with some sesame seeds and cheese to make a topping.  Take the meat out to rest and top the half-cooked zucchini with the wet salad and bake a further 15 minutes.  Serve with cheap plonk.
Venue: house, after a day looking at other rental houses and trying hard to score a fantastic one

Review/notes: This stuff isn’t bad and at £12.50/3 bottle box, it should be.

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

Oh, on Avenue Road there’s an enormous house for rent, a neighbourhood too nice for the likes of us and, yet, within our budget (especially if we stick to the cheap wine).  AND, a few doors down there’s a Time Lord camped out in the neighbour’s garden:

avenue road neighbours

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3 responses to “DT #032, 1 Feb 2014 (Sainsbury’s House Shiraz, box)

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  1. Oh. My. Gawd. TARDIS seems like a sign, but what do I know (not a question). Still sending good vibes your way…

    • You would not believe how nice the street is compared to the shitholes we are used to living on (of note, we lived in Tucson for nearly 5 years). We are going to be one block from the Town Gardens (where Pride and the Mela — search on this site for notes — occur) and two blocks from the largest park in town is. Our butcher and wine merch are only a 2 minute walk away and there are five good pubs a block and a half away. There’s a rail-to-trail within a stone’s throw, and we only have to move a half mile from the current spot (versus 6000 from Tucson). The space is about 40% roomier and we have 4 bedrooms (are you coming for a visit, Americans?). Anyway, thanks for the good wishes.

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