DT #031, 31 Jan 2014 (Arundel Sussex Gold)   2 comments

arundel sussex gold five bells rwb and me

Cell phone in a pub:
Toodaloo, motherfucker!
Ought to be a law….

Name: Arundel Sussex Gold
Type: golden ale
Venue: The Five Bells, Royal Wootton Bassett

Review/notes: Needed this after a day of house hunting.  On the bright side I can safely assume I have seen all the shitholes available.

Beer had a distinctly Juicy Fruit gum finish to it, not unpleasant but a real surprise.

Couple across from me got their kid settled and put some electronic device in his hands, then got out one for each of themselves.  A civilised pub, like the Free Press, will ban you for this (or for hearing the phone ring or for even talking about your fucking phone).

[DT =Daily Tipple, explained in DT #000 here]

arundel sussex gold five bells rwb

2 responses to “DT #031, 31 Jan 2014 (Arundel Sussex Gold)

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  1. Shitholes, here in WB? Naa!
    Might pop up for a pint of that later if it stops raining.

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