County Fayre (aka York Road Chippy), Swindon, Chippy Challenge #8   Leave a comment

county fayre york road chippy cod

[The Chippy Challenge: to eat more fish and chips in 2014; see original post for details.]

Fish: cod
Sides: none
Evaluation:  Near perfect with crisp crust and melt-in-mouth (yet firm) fish.  Deserving of its good reputation.
Days since last: 2, (Posh Fish Jericho)
Map link.

I’ve run past the York Road Chippy (as you have to ask for it if you want anyone to give you directions) several times and there was always a queue down the street; I lucked up and after taking the photo (below) was only fifth. By the time the fast-moving queue deposited me at the counter there were six more behind me and in the three minutes it took for my fish to make it to the wrapping paper after ordering five more had joined them…good timing on my part.  The fish, by the way, is heavenly and the couple running the shop are quite nice.

Can’t see ‘County Fayre’ in print without hearing Van Morrison doing “And, It Stoned Me.”  Humming it while I ate on the walk home I realized for the first time that there are fishing references in the song.  Funny.

county fayre york road chippy

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