Posh Fish, Jericho, Oxford, Chippy Challenge #7   1 comment

posh fish jericho cod on observatory street

[The Chippy Challenge: to eat more fish and chips in 2014; see original post for details.]

Fish: cod
Sides: chips
Evaluation: oily, mushy, flavourless (or maybe they prefer ‘flavour free’)
Days since last: 1, (Carfax Chippy, Oxford)
Map link.

Seven days in a row, plus several fish breakfasts (smoked salmon for New Year’s Day, Supermarket Sushi on the 2nd and 3rd), it took a healthy choice to break the streak.

The Posh Fish website brags about the quality of the oil they use and I have to admit that it tastes like a good quality oil.  If they cooked at a suitably high temperature, I might never have known but as it is every bite was about 10% pure vegetable oil with no trans fats.  The oil added no flavour at all to the bland batter nor to the fish which, at the oil-soaking low temperatures didn’t poach in its own juices within the batter packet  so much as just come slowly to a safe serving temperature.  The resulting texture was like porridge allowed to cool (although this rubbery fish was quite hot).

And, the chips tasted like leftovers from the previous evening, but they might also have been blanched in this lukewarm oil.  Healthy? Probably more than places that use beef drippings in the fryers, sure, or others that risk scorching the oil. Worth a visit?  Erm…I’m having a burrito tomorrow.

posh fish jericho

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