The Hourglass, Devizes, Wiltshire   1 comment

hourglass devizes

It has been a while since my last pub run but with Jackie working Sunday afternoon the opportunity arose and I decided to clear the backlog of Devizes pubs still on my to do list.  There were only two left on my list but a quick internet search turned up the Hourglass near the Devizes Marina and not far from a bus stop so I started with a warm-up jog there to get a Ramsbury XXXX Porter.

hourglass devizes bar

The beer was slate-y with a bit of ashtray to it, but the kind of ashtray that involves the scrapings of a bong or hash pipe so it was a happy find on this chilly day with a storm looming.  I worried about flooding on the path along the canal but needn’t and the choice to start here seemed an auspicious one despite the dining bent of the canalside, estate centred venue.

hourglass devizes lounge

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