Wong Kee Fish Bar, Swindon, Chippy Challenge #1   3 comments

wong kee fish bar swindon cod at st barnabas

[The Chippy Challenge: to eat more fish and chips in 2014; see original post for details.]

Fish: small cod
Sides: none, but they do great chips here
Evaluation: Wong Kee was my go-to fish-place in Gorse Hill which is why I chose to start the Chippy Challenge here.  Crisp batter, firm and flaky (but also almost creamy) fish.  You will not do better than this within a mile (and there are some fine options in town): stick one of their cod pieces in your mouth and you’ll turn into a Wongker, too.

Days since last: 481 (The Fryery, Tredegar, South Wales)…maybe a couple of times at pubs in the interim but that’s the most recent proper chippy.  It has also been 4 days since my most recent kebab (28 December 2013).

Map link [zoom out to see more].

wong kee fish bar swindon

Notes: Rainy, but not especially cold despite the strong winds, this was a happy ordeal to undergo although I might have bailed on the run and just gone to the gym for exercise had any of the nearer chippies — Mr. Cod, the Trident, or the York Road Chippy (everyone calls Country Fayre Takeaway that) — been open…so glad they weren’t, though, because I might never have known about the battered and deep fried candy bar option without this trip:

wong kee fish bar swindon wall detail

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