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[transcript of note to colleagues after one of them reported a water leak in the labs]

Hi, all,

If there is an emergency at the labs and you think I should know about it, please call my land line at

01xxx xxx xxx

This should be posted outside the labs, as well.

Do not, under any circumstance, call my mobile phone number. It is posted because the person that collected the numbers on the contact list refused to believe that I only use it to make calls or to receive calls that have been prearranged. I’m not sure where it is right now but I’m sure the battery has needed charging for a few weeks. It has this one great app, though, where I can turn off the phone and all calls roll over to voice mail for me to delete when I next turn it on, 4-6 weeks later.

Illustrative example: I put 10 quid on the top-up balance (bringing it up to £12 ) in May 2011 before a trip to Maasstricht and used it heavily there arranging accommodation around the Netherlands. I next topped up with another £10 early last month, so used about £12 in 30 months. Most of the calls were to order takeaway or taxis or to book a table.

The phone has not been used in public without at least stepping into a doorway, but most often I look for a phone box to step into first. I could rant about how I feel about people who make or, worse, take calls in public but it would rapidly become a rude diatribe and, for some of you, quite personal; besides, I think you all already know I’m older than dust….

So, use the land line. Sparingly.

Thanks, and Happy Hols.



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