Cotswold Spring Prancer [Advent Booze Calendar: 3 Days Till Xmas]   2 comments

cotswold spring prancer biscotti

We made the annual Christmas trip to Franco and Anna’s Italian shop in Gorse Hill and (due to sudden traffic on this site searching for places to buy Vin Santo in Swindon) bought up their remaining stock; then we headed home and I started baking the biscotti di Natale. Then, a miracle happened.

It’s not a miracle that I decided to drink a beer, but it is one that the Cotswold Spring Brewery managed to make something so spectacular out of nothing more than hops, malt, yeast and water (no flavouring or aromatic agents at all). Unusual for these reviews, I will try hard to give an accurate – if not erudite – representation of this spectacular beverage (shifting the order of the reviews to match the order in which this stuff delighted me):

Colour: A brown deep and warm that would make stronger men weep for some lost love; think the colour of Bambi’s mother’s eyes if you can’t fish around for something more appropriate.

Aroma: Spicy and, I shit you not, strongly reminiscent of the Monstrous Erection Sloe Gin that, sadly, no longer is available.

Flavour: There is a sweetness and tang that reminds me of mince pies with a bit of orange peel added to the mince and perhaps some spelt or rye flours added to the crust. Not a small hint of rye whiskey, either.

Mouth: Full bodied and tart-to-very-bitter; so full-bodied, in fact, that it struggles to clear the mouth of the gooey biscotti dough it now competes with.

Overall: My god. Really, Jesus on a stick. I do not have words for how wonderful this is. I am purchasing a few more bottles to parse through the coming months since it is bottle conditioned and the active culture will continue to change the product through to at least the ‘USE By’ date, handwritten on each bottle (May 2014 for the ones I bought on the hill):

cotswold spring prancer use by

Yesterday’s beverage review here.

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