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mongrel's santa paws satisfied

Look at how happy I look after the first sip; that is a rare shot, indeed.  Back to work after a long weekend but it turned into a long day as I had an engineer in for some repairs on a mass spec and a massive IT fuck-up that prevented another instrument from communicating its needs and desires to its control PC.  Once finished there, I was too late to catch the train to the boss’ house in Islip for the annual Christmas do…usually an okay get-together once you are stuck in but crowds that large in such confined quarters makes me uncomfortable; my choice to kill time till the bus home (damn the luck, missed the party) was back at Far From the Madding Crowd.  Yeah, that’s it, ’twas my neuroses made me drink….

The brewery is Marston Moor, the ale is Mongrel’s Santa Paws, the notes are below.

Overall: I like it: challenging and different, it would be good to spring on a beer snob after telling them it was a lager (visual inspection would pass), or on a dear friend of dread foe, depending on their mood and yours that day.

Colour: Amber…wee…dog wee.

Aroma: Turpentine and wee…again with the wee.  I had a baseball bat that smelled this way after the dog took a piss fancy to the pine tar smeared on it.

Mouth: Surprisingly medium bodied and very lightly carbonated (or, rather, aerated from the sparkler on the taps).  Fills the mouth and attacks every bit of the taste buds.

Flavour: Rudely bitter with a bite worse than its bark (if it were willow bark, like you extract salicylic acid from).  Floral hints, but overridden by the heavier handed flavours and scents.

Yesterday’s entry here.

mongrel's santa paws

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