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horseshoe mildenhall sign

We used to be keen listeners to Car Talk, a Saturday morning call in show that was more comedy than automotive advice although both were very high quality.  One of their [phoney-baloney] sponsors was The Horseshoe Road Inn (as in “…and the horse you rode in on”).  So, I rarely pass a Horseshoe Inn without stopping for a beverage.

horseshoe mildenhall beer

This one even had its own ale brewed by a microbrewery in Devizes but the barmaid didn’t know anymore than that.  It was a very tasty brew, too, and the table of lively ancients I sat near seemed split between it and Doom Bar.  Speaking of ancient, the house looks a lot older inside than out:

horseshoe mildenhall structure

It had been a hilly trot from Axford and muddier than the first leg but the trail I took from here the rest of the way back to Marlborough, near the River Kennet, was a slick to almost impassable slop to avoid in damp weather (or after a few pints, at least).  Still muddy at home when Jackie returned from work she asked where I had gone and how was the run.  When I said which pubs I hit she started laughing like Tom Magliozzi and said, in a perfect mimic, “Car Talk is brought to you buy The Horseshoe Road Inn,” before spooling off a bunch of other fake credits they regularly use.  I miss that show.

horseshoe mildenhall

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