Merry Down Cider [Advent Booze Calendar: 11 Days Till Xmas]   2 comments

merry down cider

This may not be a Christmas issue, per se, but it has Merry on the label and a fiddlin’ fox which is an integral part of the Nativity (I’ve been an atheist a LOOOONNNNGGGG time).  I don’t know how to rate ciders any more than I know how to rate beers, so I’ll use the same template and ill advised terminology.

Overall: Anything that makes me think about Ellen Foley enough to dig out a Clash album (and not so much that I sink so low as Meat Loaf) deserves thumbs up.

Colour: Straw. Or, to go along with the record, its got yellowy eyes (okay, different album; sue me).

Aroma: Apples. Duh.

Mouth:  More body than expected and attacked every corner of my mouth.  Very fizzy but this didn’t seem to add much acidity.  Hard to get out of my head, or at least my mouth.  I stopped talking about Ellen Foley in the first category, by the way; this is all about the cider.

Flavour: Sharp and lot’s of apple (crab, Fuji, Gala) and a little bread (I like the yeasty hints but it might not suit everyone).

Yesterday’s entry here.

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