Hot Buttered Rum [Advent Booze Calendar: 12 Days Till Xmas]   3 comments

hot buttered rum finish

It’s not always beer in the Advent Booze Calendar.  I got this Red Clay Ramblers song stuck in my head this morning and diagnosed the drink as a medical necessity, although whilst fixing the grog I couldn’t stop thinking about those Johnny Rotten [John Lydon] Countrylife Butter commercials a few years back (American’s, these were real, surreal, hyperreal and they actually aired for a few years).

Recipe per mug:

2 shots (100 mL, y’know…MAN shots or Russian ½ shots) dark rum
1 spoon brown sugar
1 pat butter
boiling water to fill
½ cinnamon stick to muddle the sugar/butter/rum and to stir the mix (or, a large pinch of powdered as I had used the sticks in the Apple Whiskey steeping at present)

Very, very wintry and 100% too good for the likes of us.  Tell your grandparents it is better than a Werther’s Original.

Yesterday’s entry here.

hot buttered rum start

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