Everard’s Sleigh Bell [Advent Booze Calendar: 14 Days Till Xmas]   2 comments

everard's sleigh bellYikes.  I know Brownie checks in on this Advent Calendar from time to time, but he is participating in one out Colorado way (that seems a lot cooler than this one anyway).  Now, it looks like someone respectable is not only reading it, but acting on it as well.  I’m going to need to make the writing a little less salacious, if the normals are checking in; at a minimum, no more talk of the scent of dildos or flavours of fornication (or vice versa).

At a stop in the Savoy on the way home, I had my second Everard’s in a row…this one on their list of ales and on my list of naughty ales.

everard's sleigh bell pump

Overall: Everard’s has never disappointed me before yesterday; now it has happened twice.  Christmas song quote of the day: “Well, so could anyone.  You took my dreams from me when I first found you.”

Colour: Water steeped in Wicken Fen (East Anglia reference); the Georgia equivalent would be Okefenokee Swamp.

Aroma: Shane MacGowan’s overcoat, just back from the cleaners: wool and spirits and some potatoes but not yet any whiskey, cigs, or spilt beer (oddly enough).

Mouth: Medium, flat.

Flavour: Liver and Fuller’s earth. Yeah, clay.

Yesterday’s entry here.

2 responses to “Everard’s Sleigh Bell [Advent Booze Calendar: 14 Days Till Xmas]

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