Everard’s Wonderland Ale [Advent Booze Calendar: 15 Days Till Xmas]   3 comments

everards wonderland

A line of 6 taps failed at the Fork Handles so I walked back up to the Faux Irish ‘pub,’ O’Neill’s.  They had an ale from Everards on tap, which is usually a good bet, and it was seasonal (I’ve never seen this one before and there is very little about it on the interwebs).

Overall: There is a chemical bitterness that comes through the muskiness, shocking in its similarity to the way passionately mouthing a lovers armpit is rudely interrupted by the bite of her deodorant.  Yum, then yuk, then oh-what-the-hell we’re in the middle of this, now.

Colour:  Like hair the light shade of brown that faded from auburn on an American earnestly proclaiming Irish heritage (because an ancestor once lived there 175 years ago) to someone no longer amused by such.

Aroma:  Bit of a head cold, I was picking up the aroma of nasal spray, only.

Mouth:  Medium to full-bodied with a viscosity that makes me think of emulsifiers or maltodextrin.

Flavour:  Pheromones and flowers, and a little sweet but also a bit of alum salts and copper penny soaked in weak acid.  Split one with a friend because it is interesting, but I wouldn’t recommend a whole pint on your own…the things I do for you kids.

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3 responses to “Everard’s Wonderland Ale [Advent Booze Calendar: 15 Days Till Xmas]

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