Oxfordshire Uncle Scrooge [Advent Booze Calendar: 17 Days Till Xmas]   2 comments

oxfordshire uncle scrooge

Overall: It just doesn’t fit together the way you think it should.

Colour:  Stained pine floors using an oak stain.

Aroma: Mildew from a year’s storage, but that might have been the Christmas decorations or the charity shop puzzle.  But, it was the sort of mildew that promises a fine tasting ale, so get off my back, motherfucker.

Mouth:  Medium bodied, a bit alcoholic (enough so that Jackie commented on it from behind the glass of cheap chardonnay)

Flavour:  Very interesting, but I was concentrating on something else.  I like Oxfordshire Ales, anyway, and this wasn’t like their normal stable, maybe a bit light on the hops and more malty but the hops were floral and the malt wasn’t very dark.  Hard to make a strong judgement, as I was very hungry.  Dug it, but I was pretty easy (if that doesn’t just describe me, anyways).  Also, writing this up after a bottle of vodka and a bunch of Cold War documentaries was probably not the best idea.  Try again tomorrow, I reckon.

Yesterday’s entry here.

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