Prescott Winter Season’s Best [Advent Booze Calendar: 19 Days Till Xmas]   4 comments

prescott winter season's best at the grapes oxford

Stopped in the Grapes on way out of work for the weekend and they had a seasonal on.  “Best,” I reckoned it couldn’t be any better.  I reckoned wrong.  Plus, I had to explain the Advent Calendar to a foreign (that is, neither American nor British…double foreign) colleague.  This round was Prescott Winter Season’s Best (I refrained from typing the quotation marks around Best but I can’t stop the “air quotes” when I speak about it).

Overall: £3.70 I could have spent on something pleasant.  But, didn’t.

Colour: The only truth in advertising on this brew was that it had the colour of a deep, ruby stout but on reflection it seemed more like burnt motor oil washed out of farm overalls with petroleum spirits. Pretty, but you can be pleased it’s over.

Aroma: Mouldering leaves, woody but mushroomy too.

Mouth:  Thin, watery, a sad place to sink a loved one you’ve inadvertently murdered over Christmas dinner.  Just saying.

Flavour: Decidedly weak for a stout and very similar to coffee made for you by someone who doesn’t drink coffee but know that bag of Folgers they bought in 1978 is somewhere around and it cost a pretty penny back then, what with inflation and all.  A stingy drink considering it cost so much.

Yesterday’s entry here.

prescott winter season's best

4 responses to “Prescott Winter Season’s Best [Advent Booze Calendar: 19 Days Till Xmas]

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  1. When I first opened this post and saw the photo, I thought “That does not look like a man who’s enjoying his beer.” Then I read the post and realized that man definitely was NOT enjoying his beer.

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