Eight Bells, Fairford, Gloucestershire   Leave a comment

eight bells fairford sign

It was clear out and supper was already sorted (a pot of broth to make some Pho from the leftover thanksgiving guinea fowl with some sprouts and spring onions). The breeze was mild, skies partly cloudy, temperature chilly but not miserable, and Jackie was at work for the afternoon so I caught the bus to Lechlade to do a run through the Cotswold Water Parks out-and-back to Fairford where there are a half-dozen pubs I still haven’t tried.

Lechlade Fairford run

One of those, the Eight Bells, appeared as I emerged from the trails. Inside the 300-year-old boozer I was greeted by everyone attending as if I had been going there for years. Hungry, I went for the real ale (Arkell’s 3B’s) as it has live yeast and a bit more body than a lager or any of the cider I spotted at the bar.

A nice crowd, as I said, they seemed incredulous that I had run from Lechlade and that I was going to run back by 5. Then when I said I was going to grab a kebab before leaving town they insisted I was totally full of shit…which is fair enough but, as I told them, “I’m quite hungry and I’ve done this before.”

eight bells fairford

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