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ringwood 49er

Last of the previously unreviewed  bottles that were cluttering up the space reserved for my Booze Advent Calendar, the Forty Niner has never been a favourite as a bottled beer (although in cask with proper conditioning it can be sublime).  This one was nearly scent-free at the start but it may have been over-chilled (fridge overnight)…my fault on that front.  As the glass warmed, a pleasant  hint of burnt sugar started to emerge from the medium bodied, copper coloured brew.  Also, the flavour was a bit bitter and bordering on soapy and metallic when very cold but this mellowed either with temperature or oxidation to something more wheaty, like Scandinavian crackers.  Not a great beer, but fairly inoffensive it might suit as an intro to an American visitor intimidated by room-temperature tipples.

This post serves as homework, for those that keep up with the Tipsy Teachers.

Note: Advent Booze Calendar will start December 1.  This could be entirely made up of Christmas themed beers, but I will try to fit in some eggnog, mulled wine, and other festive beverages…one per day!

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