Jenning’s Cocker Hoop Ale   1 comment

cocker hoop glass

Clearing out the beer in the booze cabinet/Victrola ahead of the Advent Booze Calendar stock-up I found a bottle of Cocker Hoop and popped it in the freezer while I nipped out to the grocer for some popcorn (watching an old Tarzan movie this afternoon).  On my return it was cool and irresistible, so I didn’t resist.

With a colour like lightly stained oak, the initial mouth was a bit soapy and bitter but turned off more astringent with a hoppy (but a bit cat-box-y) aroma and a phenolic-to-industrial-adhesive note.  All of these things work for me, especially with the wheaty/grassy finish but I think it might be an acquired taste.  A bit like an American-style blonde beer but without any of the hints of fruit.

cocker hoop label

Note: Advent Booze Calendar will start December 1.  This could be entirely made up of Christmas themed beers, but I will try to fit in some eggnog, mulled wine, and other festive beverages…one per day!

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